XDS create a colorful, genre bending style of Psychedelic Dance-Punk. They integrate elements of Krout rock, no-wave and vintage soundtrack 12-tone composition with vibey blown-out synth samplers.

Over the past 20 years they’ve produced 11 releases and toured internationally as well as throughout the US.

They were formally based out of Oakland CA, then Portland OR under the name Experimental Dental School. They won the SF Guardian’s best of the bay “Best Weirdo Band award”.

Shoko Horikawa plays drums and Jesse Hall plays Guitar-o-bass (combination bass and guitar), synths samplers, loops, and voice.

In their free time they enjoy running, crochet and heavy petting of assorted animals. 


Bicycle Ripper 

Coming out in June 2023 on 

Jane Doe Loves Me (Cochon records – US) – full length – vinyl, CD, digital – (TCWGA – Germany),

2 1/2 Creatures (2006) (Cochon records – US) – full length – vinyl, CD, digital – TCWGA (Germany), (Deleted Art – Sweden),

Hideous Dance Attack!!! (2003 TCWGA – Germany) – full length – vinyl, CD, digital – (TCWGA – Germany)


Valley Fever vinyl comp – Cracks In The Concrete

Memory Lab Split 7″ record with Japan’s Limited Express Has Gone (Memory Lab – Japan) –

Deleted Art Split (Sweden) – 7″ record with Japan’s Limited Express Has Gone

-Cragstan Astronaut Split (Cragstan Astronaut – Italy) – 7″ record with Italy’s Blown Paper Bags

Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. 5 (Hip Hop Slam – US)

Lovers & Lollipops Compilation (Lovers & Lollypops – Portugal)


It's is easy to understand why the band's music sends their fans into hysterics at their live shows.

"some of the strangest, yet musically impressive melodies concocted within the past three years.

"XDS manages to make some highly accessible experimental pop music, and the track below should explain the group's popularity to the uninitiated: it is a gorgeous, spacy, intensely weird piece of songwriting."

simply phenomenal

XDS took a set of drums and a guitar and electrified the anxious crowd.

surprisingly gnarly riffs

"Experimental Dental School is one of the most exciting and stunning bands I've heard in a while.", "There's a life and energy behind their work that's rare and jaw-dropping"

There's nothing not to love about these 12 off-kilter stabs of exuberantly creative freak rock.

In a Word: Bold", "Grade: A

as fun and clever as it is categorically indefinable.

Experimental Dental School creates music filled with vision, wit, and vitality

This is the affirmation of the thesis that music can indeed be art.

All in all this record kicks an unreasonable amount of ***

Best of The Bay Award "If you haven't checked out EDS's debut album, Hideous Dance Attack!!!, do so immediately!"

"the perfect soundtrack for cruising through the city on a beautiful day." "these are the dance traxx!!!! you will not be disappointed with this record!!!!"

"2 1/2 Creatures confirms that X.D.S. are more than capable of making themselves equally at home in indie post-rock and no wave basements, jazz joints and circus tents." "very coo!"X

I was so amazed by their creativity

The band's full-length debut, "Hideous Dance Attack!!!" was recently released to excited, if not baffled critical acclaim.